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Grandma’s Pies

The best authentic pies recipes from my grandmother for any occasion
Book by Vlada Glory

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November 28, 2019  |  999 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Grandma’s Pies - Book coverDiscover a mind-blowing treasure trove of old-school pie recipes and master the art of pie-making with this pie cookbook!
Do you want to learn how to bake scrumptious pies to perfection every time you hit the kitchen? Are you tired of the regular pies you're used to baking and are looking for old-school, savory ideas to surprise your family and friends with?

If you want to finally learn how to make perfect, homemade pies from scratch, then this cookbook is for you.

In this special cookbook, you're going to uncover my Grandma's authentic pie recipes that can be used to light up all occasions and can be enjoyed at any time, regardless of the season.

Filled with her trusted go-to recipes, this cookbook will help you wow your family and friends with completely unique and original recipes.

This pie cookbook includes the following:

Nailing the perfect old-school bake every time — Get advice on the essential tools, and necessary ingredients to make heavenly pies without breaking a sweat
Crust recipes you can absolutely trust — Learn how to bake ridiculously delicious pies with time-tested, proven advice from a grandma's kitchen
Baking Troubleshooting tips — Soggy bottoms? Crumbly dough? Cracked pies? This cookbook will show you how to get rid of baking disasters without losing your sanity
...and much more!
Whether you're a newbie to baking pies or a filled-pastry aficionado looking for new inspiration to oil your baking muscles, this cookbook is brimming with recipes that will make your guests come back for second helpings!


About Vlada Glory

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I’m a designer and artist. But since childhood I wanted to write books. Here I grew up, found my grandmother’s notebook and am sharing it with you.

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