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Guarding Your Mind

Book by Terry Moore

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September 8, 2012  |  1,907 views  |  1 review / comment

Guarding Your Mind: The Christian's Most Valuable CommodityToo many Christians are frustrated and confused in their relationship to Christ. Their minds have become dull, vulnerable, weak, depressed, and burdened with sin. Church programs, classes, activities haven't "cured" this problem. What is blocking the ability of our minds to process information with God-honoring thoughts and actions? Guarding Your Mind: The Christian's Most Valuable Commodity explains the problem, and using solid, biblical instruction, explains how to overcome it.

About Terry Moore

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Terry Moore grew up in North Carolina and is a graduate of Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute and Andersonville Theological Seminary. He has been a Christian and a student of the Word of God for over thirty-three years. His desire is for lives to be changed by the power of the Word of God and for His sheep to be fed a solid diet of biblical food. Terry and his wife of thirty-six years live in...


Great Book! This is really an eye-opener. The book deals with so many things that the Christian struggles with while giving biblical direction that will bring honor to God. This is a short book, but chunked full of detail that really makes you think!

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