Halcyon Wings

by Nithin Purple IN India
June 9, 2014

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Halcyon Wings - Book CoverWhen the lurid auras of visionary thoughts sometimes explore so long to hold not the quest's breath, it explodes in a form of dissimilar subjects of either agony or an overwhelmed happiness. For here I must say bold, most of these verses originated by my sadness and invention of my own style on the midst of solitude that I experienced after leaving my home since few years. As a reviewer you would see few elegies which were actual and untainted are those, where I lost few favorite care and love of some one's who truly were mine. Another spots were of Inspiration’s shocking waves yet mingling with freedoms yearning tongue, And life, death, fate are inevitable tones too got reflected, And have youth's sweetest vocals, Romance and nature, hope and hopelessness, beauty and loss can stimulate ye readers surprising eyes.


Halcyon Wings: These Passions Feathers Are Gathering On A Winged
Congragulations for this work, cheers!!
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Halcyon Wings - Book Cover
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