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Handy Man

Calladine & Bayliss #1
Book by HH Durrant

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August 28, 2014  |  2,115 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Handy Man by HH Durrant. Book coverTwo young men are missing – Both are found dead – Their bodies mutilated – Why – was it Gang warfare – was it drugs? 

Was this the start of an all out drugs war on the infamous Hobfield Estate?  Was this someone new shaking a serious fist at the old guard and taking the patch for themselves?  DI Tom Calladine didn’t think so.  He trusted his instincts and they told him that this was something else entirely. 

This was murder; brutal, extreme, too extreme even for the wannabe drug barons on the Hobfield.  They were small fry, and it was quickly becoming apparent that this was the work of a loner.  The horrors perpetrated on the bodies was the work of someone working on a quest of his own, someone with a grudge.  This murderer had an inventive mind.  He killed with skill then left bloody remnants of his victims strewn all over his patch.  Finding the culprit would prove challenging and in the end give DI Calladine the shock of his career so far.

About HH Durrant

GB United Kingdom

I write UK detective novels - police procedurals. Currently I have two books available in the 'Calladine & Bayliss' series. I set my books in the area I live in - the north west of England. In an area that sits between the city and Pennine hills. Book three will be out soon also a spin off based around one of the characters in the series.

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