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Hardcase McDougal and the Huge F**king Mystery

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April 12, 2013  |  1,642 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Books Image Did Not Load!All he wanted was a chorrita. What he got instead was a huge f**king mystery.
When Communists threaten to blow up the moon, America's premiere private detective takes rash and direct action. Join the hard-rocking, hard-drugging, hard-wienered James "Hardcase" McDougal and his colorful cast of friends as they battle robots, red-headed kid detectives, machine-gun-toting transvestites, Communist plotters, and their own terrible personalities.
Is HARDCASE MCDOUGAL AND THE HUGE F**KING MYSTERY a bleak, hyperbolic portrait of modern America and Americanism? Is it a 200-page joke with a missing punchline? The metaphorical and metaphysical implications of McDougal's journey are up to the bravery and wisdom of the reader.
“HARDCASE MCDOUGAL AND THE HUGE F**KING MYSTERY is like if somebody put WHITE FANG and THE TERMINATOR in a meat grinder and made a juicy meatloaf, then wrapped it in a bacon of musky sensuality and impeccable literary style. You like ketchup on your meatloaf? Well we're all out of ketchup, but what we do have is a gritty, raw portrait of American violence, racial tension, and misogyny. Keith Blackwater is one surrealist who knows how to keep it real.”
--Nobody actually said this

About Keith Blackwater

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Keith Blackwater is a freelance adventurist who has contributed, under other names, to a variety of high-class literary venues including Space Squid, Horror Garage, and Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges in to Michigan. Hardcase McDougal and the Huge Fucking Mystery is his first novel. His hobbies include fishing, the electric guitar, and non-competitive axe throwing. He can be found...

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