Health Agent

Health Agent by Jeffrey Thomas. Book cover

16 November, 2010

In the gritty, far-future world they call Punktown, the city's health agents are charged with keeping the public safe from infectious disease and other biological threats. Between inter-planetary travel, super-mutant strains of bacteria and criminal genetic manipulation, they certainly keep busy. But for health agent Montgomery Black, work is about to consume his life. The problem is a highly contagious and extremely deadly STD, "mutstav six-seventy," and cases are showing up everywhere. While trying to prevent the spread of the disease, Black could lose everything that's important to him -- but there's no ignoring the suspicion that something far more sinister than the impartial hand of nature is behind the spread of this epidemic.
What they're saying about Health Agent:
"Wild, weird, clever and brutal, Health Agent is a crazed ride into the heart of that bizarre reality known as Punktown. Jeffrey Thomas has a diabolical imagination and, thankfully, the talent to vent it through a unique and always engrossing voice. Think William Burroughs meets Clive Barker on a mescaline-drenched junket through one gothic-industrial hell and you get some small sense of the exam that this Health Agent is going to give you. Now turn your head and cough." - Jack O'Connell, Author of "Word Made Flesh"

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Genre: Fiction > Fantasy


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