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The Fall of Hades

by Jeffrey Thomas  US United States

November 15, 2010   |    1,224 reads    |   0 comments

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The Fall of HadesWhat would Hell be like -- 2,000 years after Earth's destruction? A young woman emerges from a catatonic state to find herself naked and devoid of memory, a centuries-long prisoner of an apocalyptic battle between formerly human Angels, rebel bands of the Damned, and monstrous Demons of every description. With only a sentient, talking gun for a companion, she sets out to explore a radically transfigured Hell, her own surprising past, and the bulletproof fierceness of the human spirit. "The Fall of Hades" is a shocking and subversive journey into a post-industrial cyber-inferno, from the author of "Beautiful Hell," "Voices from Hades," and the cult novel "Letters from Hades," about which Jeff VanderMeer said, "Jeffrey Thomas' visions of Hell...are as compelling and as beautifully horrific as any ever put down on paper."

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