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Helplessly Hoping

by Douglas Kent  US United States

May 11, 2020   |    476 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Helplessly Hoping - Book coverHigh school sweethearts Mara and Douglas are young and in love, but they’re about to discover that the nightmares of the past have a way of haunting us in the present. Together they will face the demons of Mara’s childhood…but will either of them get out alive?

Through it all, the couple searches for moments of laughter and levity, trying to find the strength to keep moving forward.  From their cats, to their move across the county, to Mara's struggle with Crohn's Disease and weight gain, the two try to hold on tight to each other.

A true and hauntingly candid look into the tragedy of sexual abuse and mental illness, and the struggle to stay afloat when everything seems hopeless. 

Author's Note: 

This is my second memoir, and one that took three years to complete. Parts of this story were very painful to put on the printed page. Even my closest friends and family members did not know all of the struggles we faced together.


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