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How Many Planes to get me?

Nine children adopted into a New Zealand family
by Jonquil Graham  NZ New Zealand

July 28, 2015   |    1,377 reads    |   0 comments

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Book image did not loadHow Many planes to get me? is the story of how my husband and I were given a child on our honeymoon and then went on to foster and adopt many children. We had plenty of room because we live on 11 acres in a historic home and grew kiwifruit. It also about the triumph and tragedy of orphaned children overseas and our determination to help a few kids. People were shocked at the images of Romanian children rocking in their cots in 1990 and some who brought home orphans were unable to undo the damage from institutionalization. But there were success stories and this book will make anyone interested in adoption a good excuse to laugh and weep. The title was inspired by our children at bedtime asking how many planes did it take to bring them home to our family.

About The Author

I was born in the UK, raised in coastal Sydney, Australia and live in New Zealand. My husband and I fostered many children and adopted nine, including "triplets" from Romania and twins from Russia. I helped pioneer inter-country adoption which enabled orphans to be adopted into NZ, despite fierce government opposition at the time. My latest book "Once I was a Teenager: Growing up in t he 50s and 60s in Australia and beyond" is popular with many baby boomers.

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