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How To Make Good Karma

How To Change Bad Karma, How To Quickly Remove Bad Situations In The Past And To Change Your Present And Future (Free Bonuses)
by Odin  US United States

November 16, 2019   |    710 reads    |   0 comments

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How To Make Good Karma - Book coverThis meditation is about how not to attract negative karmic debt events, how to avoid bad karma, how to change bad karma. Everything that happens to us in this lifetime do not go in vain and lead to certain consequences: tied by karma with some people – in a such way the negative and positive karma is written (debts and rewards); formed some programs (positive and negative); somehow impact on our health, for the implementation of desires, and in general – to the whole life script. This workbook is devoted to neutralize the influence of experienced negative situations. This is needed in order to release the enormous energy reserves, which continually goes to neutralization of painful memories and feelings associated with these situations; it neutralizes many negative reasons, which have already led to some negative consequences and will lead to further as well, if not to get rid of them; breaks or modifies the karmic knots with the participants of these events. (SALE) VIP-Version Of The Course "Practices"

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