I Am Changing Careers

I Am Changing Careers by Anita Job, book cover.
Questions to Guide a Job Seeker

19 October, 2023

"I Am Changing Careers" is a series of questions and answers based on the author's job-hunting experience that will encourage and motivate you on your journey of what works to get hired. Topics include choosing your career, getting hired, how to take care of your health, and what to do once you have the job. The roadmap at the end of the book provides a 2-week daily checklist of how to implement the book's contents and find meaningful employment as quickly as possible.

Author's Notes

What inspired me to write this book?

A division at the company I was employed with shut down, some friends in the travel industry saw their jobs disappear overnight at the start of the pandemic, and others were looking for a new challenge after working at their employers' company for a number of years. Some of my cousins were close to graduating high school or university and were asking me for advice on how to navigate the school-to-work transition. I had successfully navigated a few transitions myself and wanted to help my friends and family in their search for work. 

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