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I Can't Keep Up!

A 'Clear as Crystal' guide to keeping your family safe online

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March 13, 2012  |  9,936 views  |  1 review / comment

I Can't Keep Up! A 'Clear as Crystal' guide to keeping your family safe onlineThe Internet is fantastic!
It can also be a dangerous place for our kids.
Internet safety trainer Charles Conway offers helpful tips and advice on topics such as:
  • how to monitor your child's Facebook account without violating their privacy,
  • how and where online predators find their victims,
  • the signs and effects of Cyberbullying,
  • the websites that could be giving your kids all the wrong advice about sex, drugs and alcohol,
  • using parental control software on mobile phones, computers and other portable devices,
  • and understanding the 'netspeak' that looks like a foreign language.
This guide won't make you an online expert overnight, but it WILL help you to level the playing field!

About Charles Conway

GB United Kingdom

Charles Conway is an Internet safety consultant with Clear as Crystal Training based in Wrexham, and an associate member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS). Working with local authorities, National charities, schools, community groups and independent fostering agencies around the UK, Charles has helped many parents, carers, teachers and social workers to “bridge the gap”...


Extract: I can’t keep up! takes you through the basics of the many technologies that are available for accessing the internet – it’s surprising how many there are. Charles also discusses some of the online risks that children might face, and who is most at risk: some of it makes for uncomfortable reading but unfortunately that’s the reality of this aspect of the internet. Most of the time the internet is a wonderful tool that enables access to a wealth of information, entertainment, and communication – we just have to be aware and have the necessary information to minimize the risks and help our families stay safe online. I can’t keep up! gives you the information you need to know about cyberbullying (the signs to look out for and what to do about it), social networking, parental controls (and what to do in environments such as Facebook where they don’t work), internet predators (including who they target and how and where they find their victims), and inappropriate and harmful web content. There is also a very useful list of recommended websites where children can learn about how to stay safe online. I like to think I’m relatively aware and ‘tech-savvy’ when it comes to online safety and privacy, but I still found much new and useful information in I can’t keep up! and I recommend it to all parents and those with responsibility for keeping children safe online. Full review:

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