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I Don't Want That in My Ice Cream

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March 7, 2022  |  512 views  |  0 reviews / comments

I Don't Want That in My Ice Cream by George Fratton. Book coverSophie, ten (but she might be eight and a half or nine and three-quarters) puts on her mummy's shoes and clip-clops into disaster and guilt. When her ‘best-est' friend Jessica is on holiday, Sophie is so desperate for someone to play with that she ends up at the home of the weirdest girl in her school, who has a morbid interest in funerals... for soft toys.

As for their invented language, not only do Sophie and her ‘best-est' friend understand it, but so do sinister beings from elsewhere in the universe.

After a hard day at school, she is horrified to be lectured at by complete strangers on subjects ranging from cinema to doggie poo. She finds herself swimming in a cup of weak tea with a toad, travelling back in time to WWII, and featuring in a bizarre documentary.

Step into the Kafkaesque and weird world of Sophie, her cantankerous mother and her doting daddy.


Author's Notes

If you identify with the heroine in this collection of short stories, well done!

About George Fratton

GB United Kingdom

George Fratton is a linguist who loves to make other people smile in this Vale of Lunacy. As a boy, he never had a problem with authority. Sixty years on, he has now. He was born and 'bread' (Yes, 'bread', because his parents attempted to have him thrown in the dough mix at the local bakery and report him missing a week later, and a few days after that) in Portsmouth, UK, and Gosport across...

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