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Let's Swap Legs

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March 14, 2022  |  483 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Let's Swap Legs by George Fratton. Musings on love, language, murder and mix-ups. Book coverIf you fantasize about 'doing away with' your nearest and no-longer-dearest, the stories in the collection will not realize your fantasies but they may raise a smile. Otherwise, the essays about language are thought-provoking and light-hearted. The stories were inspired by a daily feature in the Cairo-based English-language daily newspaper, The Egyptian Gazette, with which I have been associated since 2000 (AD, not BC), entitled ‘Red Handed’ that chronicled crimes and misdeeds by some of the people of this country. As for the essays, they are readable, containing no jargon. Nor are they fraught with the fear of being accused of plagiarism. 

When I wrote this book, I felt as if I had exorcised one lot of demons, to make space for others.


Author's Notes

The book is made of card and paper. It has 148 pages. It can fit into a large inside pocket ready to be pulled out read whilst waiting for the underground. The cover design is predominantly read, featuring dolls and a picture I made from a woman's portrait in a magazine and tram tickets in place of hair.

About George Fratton

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George Fratton is a linguist who loves to make other people smile in this Vale of Lunacy. As a boy, he never had a problem with authority. Sixty years on, he has now. He was born and 'bread' (Yes, 'bread', because his parents attempted to have him thrown in the dough mix at the local bakery and report him missing a week later, and a few days after that) in Portsmouth, UK, and Gosport across...

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