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I Survived

by John W Ryan  AU Australia

July 29, 2012   |    4,798 views    |   4 reviews / comments

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I SurvivedI have spent the majority of my life Training in Martial Arts, Deception / Truth verification, Anti Corruption & Law Enforcement weapons.

I have trained Personnel in Malaysia, USA, Brunei, Singapore, Colombia in the use of the FVSA(c) (Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer) and Interrogation.

I have trained Students in Martial Arts / CQF / Defensive Tactics / Firearms & Tactics in Australia, USA, Colombia, etc since 1962.




Not a professional writer , But a Heck of a professional at what he does. Great Book waiting for him to write more

If you want to know about the real story Whisky au Go Go murders & Gangster Police this is a great True Crime Book . I couldn't put it down

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