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Imago Dei: A Sister's Trail

by Rebecca Sheen  US United States

September 26, 2020   |    161 reads    |   0 comments

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Imago Dei: A Sister's Trail - Book coverMary-Claire's life is turned upside down when a demon first started haunting and then started killing her fellow nuns in Tre Fontane Abbey in Rome. She is running away from the demon as she could feel that she was its final victim. Her faith and vows, she had taken when she promised her life to HIM, are taken to its limits when the real fear and her beliefs were fighting to win over her. Will Mary Claire can get rid of this demon from hell?

About The Author

Rebecca Sheen's love of crime-solving and psychology started when she was a child, growing up in New York City. The city was a hive of activity and diversity, and she adored it. She stayed to get her undergraduate degree in Forensic Psychology from NYU but later moved to Pennsylvania to get her M Phil in Psychology, with a focus on Psychodiagnostic Testing.

Rebecca's love of reading crime thrillers inspired her to pursue her dream of writing, and she was supported in this by her husband and daughter, who share her fascination. They spend family time watching serial killer... more

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