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In Alien Eyes: Part 2

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Short Stories with Twist and Unexpected Final

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April 20, 2020  |  733 views  |  0 reviews / comments

In Alien Eyes: Part 2 - Book coverVirion, a short story from the first collection, has told you what a virus may be thinking about. Now it's time for more stories.

Do you know what time infection is like?
What happens when a ghoul decides to do a good deed?
And how far would you go to find your beloved one who had vanished into another dimension?
You will find the answers to these questions in the second part of Namhar Brahman’s fantasy and science fiction anthology, In Alien Eyes.
Fans of HP Lovecraft, Haruki Murakami, O. Henry, Neil Gaiman, Ken Liu, Carmen Maria Machado, Cliff Burns, and even Franz Kafka will be delighted by looking straight In Alien Eyes!

Author's Notes

"Hi everyone!
This book shows you the ordinary things with an unwonted view.
That's why some stories can make you knocked galley-west at the end.
So please read.
And leave you reviews.
But beware: after reading these yarns, your world will never be the same."
-Sincerely, Namhar Brahman

About Namhar Brahman

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Namhar Brahman has written more than thirty stories and tales with several poems. He is working on his new full-length novel, The Concerto for Asp and the Creali Orchestra, based on his short story "Dance of the Crimson Asp."

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