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Instant Pot Cookbook - Book one

100 New Everyday Foolproof Fast and Easy Healthy Meals Recipes (Instant Pot Cookbook Series 1)
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by Jane Parker  US United States

April 25, 2020   |    180 reads    |   0 comments

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Instant Pot Cookbook (Book one) - Book coverMy dear Reader,
There are 100 Instant Pot recipes in this book!

There is a good reason why Instant Pot is often thought of as a universal and unique appliance for a modern kitchen. It combines a multitude of functions that help create delicious and healthy meals. Most importantly, you can do it much faster than using a more traditional approach.

Here I have put together a variety of recipes to fit every taste - from breakfast to desserts. Everyone will be able to find something to prepare no matter how busy you are and how little time you have on your hands.

The book is intended both for beginners and for the more advanced Instant Pot users.
Each recipe has detailed step-by-step instructions and a list of the required ingredients.
Also, to make it even more easy-to-understand, I have provided every recipe with a description of the nutritional value of each dish.

Importantly, when you purchase this book, you will also receive a free-of-charge BONUS Instant Pot recipe book!

I am certain that you will be satisfied with this book and will make your family and friends happy with new appetizing and wholesome dishes.

Bon appetit!

About The Author

Dear food lover,

As much as I love to cook and share my recipes with others, I haven't always had time to try something new or experiment with already familiar dishes.

When I got my first Instant Pot I was amazed at how cooking my favorite foods became so much quicker and simpler. From that day on I've grown to love cooking even more. I've got time not just for culinary experiments but I could spend more time with my family and friends as well.

I'd like for you to have more leisure time to spend with your family doing the things you love or just... more

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