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INTERCEPTED - Book coverNora is going to Mexico to help finish the construction of an orphanage. While south of the border, Nora disappears without a trace.
Airplane pilot and fellow mission volunteer, Anthony Goldburg, is inspired by Nora's enthusiastic outlook on life. He wonders if something more than friendship could be in their future, but first she must be found.
After losing his sister from drugs, Greg Nelson is on a mission – to clear the streets of the vile substance. That's why he's DEA. His pain and bitterness towards those responsible for the loss of his sister drives him to do the impossible.
The hope diamond, a national jewel, has been stolen. FBI Agent Daniel Grisham feels the pressure from those above him to apprehend the thief.
Agents Nelson and Grisham join forces as Nora and Anthony’s faith is tested to the limit.

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Susanna Haymond is a small town girl who enjoys creating worlds with a pen and weaves suspenseful stories with a bit of faith and a dash of romance. Though her writing style has morphed over the years, she has always loved the challenge of writing suspenseful hair-raising stories. As a child, Susanna’s imagination was never dormant, and she wrote many short stories including short crime...

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