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Into the Forest and Down the Tower

Book by Ann T. Bugg

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February 22, 2012  |  1,275 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Into the Forest and Down the TowerIt’s time for Samantha’s summer visit again. Both she and Val are anxious to see if they will take another magical journey through the mirror. After learning of a problem with one of the horses, Odette makes her appearance and tells the girls it’s up to them to help him.

What Charlie needs is something that can only be found in their magical land. It can’t be given to them; they have to solves riddles and discover the answers themselves. A family of elves guides them, but even elf powers are limited when it comes to what stands between the girls and what they seek.

Trolls and unicorns were everything they imagined and more, but rescuing Rapunzel from her tower was an added bonus they never saw coming.

About Ann T. Bugg

US United States

Ann T. Bugg is the Queen of her castle in southern Minnesota where she lives with her Knight in shining armor (who has come to her rescue more than once) and her own little Princess Valerie.The pets in her magical kingdom come in all shapes and sizes, as do all the critters that make their way out of the enchanted forest. Horseback riding and long walks with her dogs are on her list of...

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