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Through the Mirror and Into Snow

Book by Ann T. Bugg

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February 22, 2012  |  1,303 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Through the Mirror and Into SnowBook #1 - Before Happily Ever After Series

When best friends Valerie and Samantha discover a magic mirror in Val's 100-year-old barn in southern Minnesota, they eagerly go through it. Immediately they run into the young Snow White, who has just escaped the huntsman. The girls vow to help her find her father, knowing the dangers that await. On their journey, the fun-loving double-trouble duo quickly discover they are caught up in the middle of their favorite fairy tales.

Having the knowledge of the stories as their only weapon, Val and Sam help two other princesses, make a surprising friend and discover they have a fairy godmother of their very own.

About Ann T. Bugg

US United States

Ann T. Bugg is the Queen of her castle in southern Minnesota where she lives with her Knight in shining armor (who has come to her rescue more than once) and her own little Princess Valerie.The pets in her magical kingdom come in all shapes and sizes, as do all the critters that make their way out of the enchanted forest. Horseback riding and long walks with her dogs are on her list of...

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