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Isola di Squalo: The Delmar Shark Chronicles

by Heidi Peltier  US United States

April 22, 2013   |    1,237 reads    |   0 comments

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Isola di Squalo - Book Image Did Not LoadOn the small Mediterranean island of Isola di Squalo, an ancient legend binds the fate of the royal Delmar family directly to the peace and protection of the island.  The consequence of turmoil is the return of a giant shark.

​Seventeen-year-old American, Dylan Murphy is accepted to a local university's shark study program on Isola di Squalo.  He has hopes of diving, in particular, with the Great White shark, and learning from one of the leading scientists in the field.  Unfortunately, an early run-in with the island's princess, Terra Delmar, lands him with the unsavory task of befriending her and convincing her to allow the scientists to stay.  
​Dylan scoffs at the Delmar legend until he comes face to face with the shark.  When a life-threatening injury sends him home, he realizes he has fallen in love with the island and its new queen, Terra.  The return of the shark can only mean that she and her island are in danger, and though he knows he and Terra can never be together, he feels he needs to return to save them both.

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