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Jackpot Julie

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August 20, 2015  |  1,521 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Jackpot Julie (book) by Belinda BennettShould she or shouldn't she? A winning lottery ticket worth millions of pounds is burning a hole in Julie Jacobs' pocket. Problem is...the ticket is not hers.

This compelling, original drama by the British author Belinda Bennett examines issues surrounding online gambling – and how one woman’s seemingly innocent pastime goes on to ruin her life. Habitual gambler Julie Jacobs has secretly frittered away a small fortune playing online bingo. Now her husband has found out - and her days in Jackpot Gem's chat room, where she is known as Jackpot Julie, are over. She has racked up huge debts, which are revealed on the day her husband loses his job. Julie fears her addiction has killed her marriage. She is on a slow path to recovery when a chance to change her life presents itself - but it entails being dishonest.

A hard-hitting, compelling read, covering controversial subjects, with a touch of Belinda Bennett wit thrown into the mix. A story you will never forget.

About Belinda Bennett

GB United Kingdom

THE journalist Belinda Bennett launched her career in the British newspaper industry at the former Exeter Weekly News in February, 1983. She had been advised by an internationally renowned author that a newsroom was a good place to “discipline” her writing. He had read an article, Only Their Paradise, which Belinda had submitted to a fanzine as a naïve 16-year-old. It was her ‘take’ on the...

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