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Jake Of All Trades

Book by Alex Mahon

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September 13, 2021  |  587 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Jake Of All Trades by Alex Mahon. Book coverA former Hell’s Angel gets out of jail and returns to the mean streets of Glasgow. But society does not forgive an ex-con with a record of violence. He can only find temporary work that pays minimum wage.

He decides to set up shop as a private investigator, downloading a fake licence to add authenticity. In his first big case he is hired by an ex-teacher to find her missing granddaughter. She offers free advertisement instead of cash.

He soon attracts the attention of gangsters who threaten to kill him unless he gives up the case. But he has discovered the girl is to feature in a snuff film. It leaves him with an ultimatum–fight and risk prison, or flee and forget about the girl.

Author's Notes

This is about real Glasgow, where heroes and villains are grey. The main character is loosely based on somebody I know. He was tough but was always polite unless riled up. The toughest guys don't have to prove themselves. Like the hero of the story, he was also living on the edge, doing odd jobs to make ends meet.

About Alex Mahon

ES Spain

I was born in Glasgow but now I'm married and live in Spain where I teach English. I write in various genrres as I also like to read different genres. I hope one day to live off my writing.

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