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Jesus Is God-Surprised!

by Salome Nhira  US United States

March 22, 2015   |    1,299 reads    |   0 comments

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Jesus Is God-Surprised! - book Image Did Not Load!My new book "Jesus Is God-Surprised!" is a revelatory book which focuses on the undeniable and yet surprising truth that Jesus is God. It parallels the names, characteristics, and attributes of God the Father ,to that of His Son, Jesus Christ. You will be convinced from the scriptures, inspirationally mines from the Word of God and spoken directly by God the Father to His people in the bible that Jesus is more than the Son of God. In this book your spiritual understanding and consciousness of the deity of Jesus Christ will transcend to another dimension. After the sumptuous divine meal of this book, you are going to be fully convinced that Jesus is God. Information is simply head knowledge, but revelations from this book is eternal. Enjoy!

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I am an ardent Bible teacher with a passion for rightly dividing the Word of Truth - the Bible, and how to apply it in our daily lives. I have walked faithfully with the Lord for more than twenty years as a born again Christian and also a fervent preacher.

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