Kill Fee

Kill Fee (book) by Julie Eberhart Painter

23 March, 2012

The uncle, niece relationship shown in Kill Fee is based on my own remembrance of me and my dad.

I love music and art, and will go anywhere there is dancing. I also read at least 50 books per year.

I've been writing since I was 8, seriously since 1995.

I enjoy duplicate bridge, music and art. Currently I read and write reviews for Coffee Time Romance and more under the pen name Maggie.

My husband and I have traveled to more than 100 countries, including Tahiti, Fiji, Senegal, North and South Africa, Madagascar, Cormoro, the Seychelles, Easter Island, the islands of the Caribbean, Cape Verde, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Malta, Minorca, Greece, Egypt, Zanzibar, Cook Islands Australia, and Tasmania, New Zealand, the Baltics, South and Central America, and China.

We have a cat named Inkie who thinks she's a Labrador retriever. Of her 80-word vocabilary, 75 of those words are ball.


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