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A Killing in Oklahoma

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January 3, 2023  |  264 views

A Killing in Oklahoma by Bentley Turner. Book coverWhen prominent businessman and pillar of Derrick, Oklahoma, James Williams, is shot and killed, his son, Frank, searches for answers and uncovers evidence that leads to an unfathomable suspect; his father’s best friend. Shocked by his findings, Frank wonders if he’s caught in a set-up and the evidence has been planted.


Author's Notes

This book, which is more complex than my first mystery--at least, I think it is, was written over several years. I had to do research for the eventual trial of the accused primarily because I wanted to make it as realistic as possible.

About Bentley Turner

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Bentley Turner, a pseudonym, has written several short stories and numerous poems that have been published in literary journals and anthologies. Under his legal name he has written several articles for academic journals, numerous chapters for academic books, numerous entries for encyclopedias and other reference books, and several books of nonfiction for academic and reference publishers.

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