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Killing Jenna Crane

by Alexander Sofras and Lynette Sofras  GB United Kingdom

September 23, 2013   |    1,239 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Book Image Did Not Load!In his writer's mind, Ellis Crawford sees the demise of his highly popular heroine, Jenna Crane. But when he attempts to end his highly successful mystery series, his agent reminds him of everything he'll lose. To complicate things further, he is torn between two women. The breathtakingly sexy, independent Emily wants him to kill off Jenna Crane for good, even if this decision could end his career. But there is also the loving, caring Chloe, whose heart he broke because she needed him too much. 
However, life is too short for regrets, and his own soon spirals out of control. With his reputation and career in tatters, he finds himself facing the growing darkness of his own soul when a secret is revealed that changes everything he thought he once knew ...

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