Let's Meet God

Answering Common Questions Concerning Christianity

"Can I personally know God?" It’s a big question. In fact, if the answer is, “yes", then it’s the biggest question that one can ask.

In this book, we’ll answer “yes” and take a friendly look at many of the common questions that people have when it comes to God. For example: “Is Jesus the only way to know God and go to Heaven?” “Can’t I get to Heaven by living a good life?” “Will God Really Accept Me?” “How Can I Know God Personally?”

Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and let’s begin. Let’s meet God.

Author's Notes

Do you wonder if there is life after death? Would you like to know who God is and how you can know Him? I explore these questions and more in my book, "Let's Meet God." It's written in an easy to read, conversational style. Available in print or ebook form.

The primary readers for the book are those either seriously interested in Christianity or those new to the faith.

Let’s Meet God also isn’t yelling in print form or using putdowns against different points of view. Yes, I do take a brief look at other beliefs, but I calmly and respectfully show how they are different from Christianity.

We all need love and politeness in our discussions, and that is what I try to bring to the book.

The book is a casual, but serious, look at the basics of Christianity. It’s written in a conversational style, which personally for me is how I like to preach and how I like to talk to others, such as you, the reader.

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Genre: Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality

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ISBN: 9781537297194


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