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Living Your Life's Purpose

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by Raymond Shinault  US United States

October 20, 2012   |    1,126 reads    |   0 comments

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Living Your Life's Purpose (book) by Raymond ShinaultIf you have ever asked the question, "Why am I here.. what is my purpose?" This is your wake up call. Raymond confronts the idea that we are all here for a reason. And he does it with a passion that reveals his own purpose: to help you discover your reason for being alive in this moment. Raymond took 45 years to finally discover and align with his purpose - a true example that it's never too late. Raymond also demonstrates what happens when you finally know why you're here.. everything you do becomes more clear and meaningful. As a guest on the Full Potential Show, Raymond struck me with his sincere care for people and his succinct sound bites of wisdom. Here is a man who lives and breathes personal development as much as I do. And he's putting it to good use! Raymond carries the same warmth and compassion into his conversational style of writing. As I read, I feel like I'm sitting down with Raymond and having an enlightened chat about what it takes to truly live a successful life.

You're about to embark on a new adventure, hang on! The discovery of your purpose will lead to many new paths. And though your strategies for living your purpose may change as jobs, businesses and relationships often do, your highest purpose will remain as the ever-steady compass pointing you north in your journey.

This book is only the beginning, and Raymond is only the starting gun : Ready, Set, Go!

About The Author

Raymond Shinault is the author of several books including High School Dropout. Raymond Went from a college dropout not once but twice to becoming a 20 plus year experienced professional truck driver to establish himself as an Author and an "Award Winning Speaker". He is regarded by many to be one of the most dynamic motivational speakers that they have ever heard relating to leadership, personal and purposeful living development. Raymond's true desire is to instill practical steps and concepts within our youth and college age young people that enables them to utilize the... more

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