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Lunar Eclipsing

In Honor of Moonlighting: Throw Mummy From the Train
by Marsh Cassady  CA Canada

May 17, 2015   |    1,061 reads    |   0 comments

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Lunar Eclipsing - Book Image Did Not Load!Julie Meyes, cut off financially from her parents, inherits a paranormal detective agency from her recently deceased aunt. She meets Addison for the first time where she’s roped into solving a case that involves an amulet that supposedly carries a mummy’s curse.

You can call them Crime Dramas, Private Investigator Shows, Police Shows or any other name you can think of, the point is that the 1970’s & 1980s was full of them and many were just incredible to watch!

If you’re like me, you couldn’t (and still can’t) get enough of all the great prime-time detective and action.  They had it all—great drama, thrilling action, slapstick/screwball comedy, charming good-looking leading men and women, cheesy 1-liners, breaking the 4th wall, cross-over shows, character development, recurring villains, unique plot lines, unmatched acting, a bountiful mix of genres, voiceovers/narations, and more.  Some people might moan and groan about how unrealistic some of the situations in those shows were.  So what?  Roll with it! It’s fun escapism - embrace the absurd and enjoy it.  Some of the shows did very effectively strive for realism.

To bring back their amazing works to TV is tough because they don’t make good shows like these anymore, and forget about the movie adaptations! It’s time to bring these shows back and make amazing kindle books, it’s the least anyone can do to pay respect to some of the greatest shows ever, and keep their history and memories alive.

About The Author

With the help of fellow fans that I know around the world, my job is to bring back my favorite TV genre in book form, and make it look like watching a 1-hour episode on TV.

Marsh Cassady is a former actor, director, and theatre professor as well as the author of 55 published books of many different types from novels to textbooks to true crime. He also has taught five different classes in creative writing at the University of California, San Diego. While teaching at Montclair State in New Jersey, he started a playwriting program that included graduate and undergraduate courses,... more

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