Memoir: The Cathartic Night

Contemplating Temporality to Inevitability

“Life and temporality are indispensably attached to the inevitability of death. Is ‘living’ a fight against inevitability?”

"An Existentialist Read"

“Embark upon a contemplative journey of self-discovering.”

The story encompasses an existentialist’s perspective with the protagonist exploring various elements of existentialism including alienation, freedom, death, hope and despair. The protagonist, Murk Zilch, living an isolated life amongst the mountains undergoes a metamorphosis after the ‘tragic’ death of his little brother. A confrontation with aspects of materialism, love & faith. A portrayal of denial as a means of escapism.

Will he be able to confront his past and put an end to everlasting despair that haunts him?

It acknowledges the absurdity that lay within the foundation of our existence and aims to form out its own subjective essence, thereby defining its individuality. It incorporates Socrates’ method of dialectics as a mode of self-interrogation through monologues, allowing readers to question the genesis of the subject itself.

​Fewer amongst a few out there. A contrast to a simple and daily read. A companion for life. Thought-provoking.

“Existentialism exploration.”

Author's Notes

I have written a fictional piece of work as Novella titled, “Memoir: The Cathartic Night (Contemplating Temporality to Inevitability)”. It is an existentialist read which aims to embark its readers onto a contemplative journey of self-discovering. I was influenced by Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis to write a Novella conceptualizing my thinking in consonance with existentialism. It upfront deals with the absurdity that is aligned with our existence as meaninglessness in the world of nothingness. 

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ISBN: 979-8-6572-3953-9


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