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#METOO: Power to The Women

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by Raymoni Love  US United States

May 13, 2018   |    1,868 reads    |   0 comments

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#METOO: Power to The Women - Book coverThe sound of the #METOO MOVEMENT. A collective voice against sexual harassment, sexual assault, abuse, domestic abuse, and inequality. The message from courageous women who were humiliated, is loud and clear, that all people should be respected, protected and treated with decency. Let us all stand together and make this world safer and forgivable for those that positively change, and plant seeds of love so love will grow in every heart from children to adults.

Author's Note: 

This movement is upon us, and the spotlight on human right and decency was the sole purpose of sharing this book and its message that women should never be afraid to empower the world with the need for justice.

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