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Millennial Marriage

Millennial Series Book 2
Book by Dhara Shah

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September 23, 2021  |  3,368 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Millennial Marriage: Millennial Series Book 2 by Dhara Shah. Book coverKiara gets proposed by Jason. She asks Priya to be her maid of honor. Everyone knows Priya is up next to get engaged to Mannie because they have been together for almost 10 years despite the long history of their families being enemies. Priya helps plan Kiara's Indian-American fusion wedding, a wedding that combines aspects of both American and Indian cultures. While planning the wedding, Priya feels the sparks for Neil, a handsome doctor and her cousin's best friend. Neil is a great dancer and the only one that can partner with Priya for a Salsa-Bollywood dance performance. How will Priya hide her true feelings for Neil? What will everyone think now that she has already fought with her family for Mannie? Is changing your mind even allowed in Indian culture?

For Neil, Priya is off-limits but his heart tells him otherwise. The two lovers try to stay apart until they can't anymore. How will the couple get through Kiara's wedding without being caught? If they get caught, Mannie's family will kill them. Also, Priya's own family will not support her. How will this couple survive together when not only their love but also their lives are at stake?

Millennial Marriage is a laugh-out-loud hilarious comedy about love, family, culture, and relationships.


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