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Millennial Struggle

Millennial Series Book 1
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by Dhara Shah  US United States

January 11, 2021   |    485 reads    |   0 comments

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Millennial Struggle - Book coverKiara Patel is an Indian-American Millennial surrounded with disasters, chaos, and misadventures as she navigates dating life in the Millennial era. On the other hand, Jason is the most rational, realistic and going-with-the flow type of individual who has a way with women but struggles to live the American Dream, typical of many young Millennials today.

Kiara's fear of not finding love bollywood style and Jason's unreadiness for commitment along with their cultural differences put their love life on a roller coaster of laugh-out-loud interracial romantic comedy! Taking new adult contemporary romance to the next level of entertainment full of fun, adventures, humor and love that truly melts your heart.

Author's Note: 

There are very few books that truly focus on the Millennial generation. This book is a romantic comedy that sheds light on the issues that American Millennials face. I truly believe that this generation is really unique because they have seen and witnessed so many social and economic problems that affects that lives in different ways.


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