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The Mixed Doner Murders

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by Johnny Two Kebabs  GB United Kingdom

November 11, 2021   |    599 reads    |   0 comments

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The Mixed Doner Murders by Johnny Two Kebabs. Book coverWho is Johnny Two Kebabs?

There has been much speculation in recent years as to whether Johnny Two Kebabs really exists. Is it true that on 15th June 2011 after drinking 13 pints of lager he polished off two doner kebabs in 1 minute 59 seconds? Is Johnny Two Kebabs just an urban legend? Is the song that was written about him and for which the video appears on the internet merely in the tradition of Irish blarney and storytelling? Is it a type of Celtic mythology about larger than life figures? Were the comics which mysteriously appeared on the Internet in 2020 just fake news? 

This third instalment is arguably the most important volume yet by Johnny as it firmly establishes him as one of the great ‘thinkers’ of modern times.

Author's Note: 

This is the third instalment in the memoirs of Johnny Two Kebabs. It is perhaps the most exciting of the cases he has worked on as a "conscious vigilante" on the streets of south London.


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