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Murder In Plain Sight

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by Nikki Broadwell  US United States

October 15, 2015   |    2,813 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Murder In Plain Sight by Nikki Broadwell. Book cover.This is the first of a paranormal mystery series. The second book, Saffron and Seaweed should be out in a week.

When Summer McCloud realizes she is able to talk to ghosts she never expects to work on solving crimes. But hanging out with her new boyfriend, homicide detective Jerry Brady, she finds herself drawn into the death of a woman who is somehow linked to her.

As ghosts from the past begin to reveal their secrets Summer's confusion and fear begin to mount. How is it that she knows so little about her family of origin? Her mother has been dead for five years, or at least that's what the police have told her, but the woman living in the apartment above her little occult shop, Tarot and Tea, seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to Lila.

When Summer is kidnapped her fear turns to terror and all her illusions come crashing down.


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