My Name Is Jealous

by Sheldon D. Newton BS Bahamas
December 26, 2014

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Book Image Did Not Load!Do you desire a deeper more intimate walk with God? Does your heart crave to be closer to Him? Do you know that such a walk with the Lord is really possible? It is. And in "My Name is Jealous" you will learn the practical steps to developing an abiding relationship with God that will enable you to experience His good, acceptable and perfect will for your life. Written as a daily devotional, My Name is Jealous speaks to the heart of the believer who desires more of God in his or her life. It is as if God Himself is having a personal conversation with you, opening His Heart and revealing His great love for you with a tenderness that is endearing, while at the same time, showing you things which can hinder your walk with Him and how to eradicate these things from your life forever. God has many Names, each of which reveals aspects of His Character. And when you understand that His Name, Jealous shows His great love for you and His deep desire to be close to you, it will change your life for the better.

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