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Nightmare Eve

Book by L.K. Scott

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October 16, 2012  |  1,267 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Nightmare Eve (book) by L.K. ScottNightmare Eve follows Evelyn Harris as she searches for her family in the resort town of Amherst. She has no memory of how she arrived or how long she'd been staying; her only clues: a prescription bottle of Doxepin, a wallet made of human flesh, and a teenager's warning, "Don't go out after dark!"

As she searches for her missing family, she realizes something is terribly wrong with Amherst. After curfew, a murder shakes the town and the citizens of Amherst realize their worst nightmare has returned--a serial killer claiming victims from beyond the grave.

In a race against time, Evelyn and a group of survivors seek refuge in an abandoned shop because once the sun sets, the town is plummeted into a world of nightmarish horror.

In order for Evelyn to save her family and rescue the survivors, she must solve cryptic puzzles, fight the nightmare creatures stalking the streets, and unravel the dark mysteries of Amherst's melancholy past.

About L.K. Scott

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L.K. Scott is the the author of numerous successful thriller/mysteries. In addition to his publishing work, he has a BA in film from Brooks Institute and has written, directed and produced more than a dozen films. He loves travel, sports, and exotic foods.

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