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No Good Deed

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by Victoria Pitts Caine  US United States

November 24, 2020   |    251 reads    |   0 comments

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No Good Deed - Book coverJessa Fisher grew up in the small mountain community of Montaña Verde, but when she and her fellow detective, Eric Lane, are assigned to a murder case she begins to question what she knows about the town’s inhabitants.

Is her current case linked to multiple deaths spanning decades? What are the connections, and who holds the answers? As she unravels these secrets, she’s inspired to look into the mysterious disappearance of her great-grandmother.

Jessa soon realizes Eric is interested in more than solving the crime.

Author's Note: 

I love cozy mysteries, and I decided to venture into the genre myself. Knowing little about the art of forensics, I questioned members of law enforcement and friends who had retired from the local crime unit. I also did a fair amount of research on the handling of major crimes in small communities. Another interest of mine is genealogy, and a bit of that is intertwined in the story when the main character researches the mysteries of her father’s family. Studying the geographic makeup of the frequently visited mountains and national parks near my home helped me plot the background for the search and rescue efforts in the story.


About The Author

Victoria Pitts Caine resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her first passion is her family, followed closely by writing and exotic gem collecting.

Always being the storyteller ten years as a genealogist provided the experience for the background details for her first novel, Alvarado Gold.

Victoria is also an award winning author who has published both fiction and nonfiction articles in Seekers, Short Stuff, HI Families, The Front Porch and The Manzanita Literary Journal. Additionally, an honorable mention at the William Saroyan Writer’s Conference, special recommendation in the... more

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