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Of Branches and Trees

A Book of Poetry For Everyone
by Kelsey Harris  US United States

December 12, 2013   |    1,074 reads    |   0 comments

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Book Image Did Not Load!Of Branches and Trees: A Book of Poetry For Everyone is a poetry book written by published author and poet Kelsey Harris that was inspired by the Christian religion. This is part of her journey through doubt and struggles that she had growing up, and is a great reminder to all to work for harmony and peace. It also will let you know that you are not alone in life. This is the reason it was written. Don't wait--get your copy today!! Reviewers are raving about it! 

About The Author

Kelsey Harris is a freelance writer who lives in Southern Indiana. She loves to write as well as teach. She studied at USI for teaching, and is currently using her skills outside of the classroom to teach and write. Writing has always been something that Kelsey enjoys doing, as well as reading. She has gotten through many struggles because of her zeal and hard work, and is still doing that today. She is a testimony for Asburger Syndrome children (part of the Autistic Spectrum) in that they can be integrated into society and be successful too. She is constantly learning (which she has a... more

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