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Our Urge to Merge

by Oscar Friar  CZ Czech Republic

March 28, 2014   |    2,058 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Our Urge to Merge by Oscar Friar. Book coverOur Urge to Merge is only the second book in history, by Oscar Friar, to be released in the English language. His previous book, Poetry is for the Birds, went on to astound North American audiences with pages full of keen insight and heartfelt observations of the world we live in. This new collection continues that journey for the reader.
After winning the much revered, and completely fabricated, Ríkadla Meho Srdce (Rhymes of My Heart) Award from the Czech Republic, Oscar Friar has gone on to entertain audiences around the world.
He is considered both a young prodigy in the world of poetry and an old soul in the world of prose, making him pretty much a middle-aged poet with a voice that is to be reckoned with. This book of prose is expected to be considered one of the most important works of the 21st Century.

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