Parables of a Rancher's Life

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Parables of a Rancher's Life by Frank W. Jones III. Book coverIn his book, Parables of a Rancher’s Life, Frank W. Jones compiles a collection of short stories over a period of 14 years. These stories are the definition of the word “Parable”. In His days Jesus Christ used parables to teach his disciples important biblical principles. Jones uses his experience as a rancher and a minister to deliver these stories in a manner that is easy to understand and fun to read. This book will certainly bless your life.

We serve a supernatural God. “Parables of a Ranchers Life,” is a collection of stories that were inspired by the Holy Spirit. These are revelations to my life and I believe they will be just as inspiring to you. The Holy Scriptures are truly living and forever life giving. These stories come from actual life experiences where the Holy Spirit brought the Scripture to life for me. Jesus used parables to teach His disciples and I believe He teaches us in the same manner today. Our souls will be awakened when we become hungry and chase after the things of God. I pray these stories will bring into remembrance the times and places where God has spoken into your life. I pray these stories will bring you closer, into a deeper relationship with Jesus through these practical everyday experiences and prophetic words. Amen. (Frank W. Jones III)


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As a Rancher, Minister, and now an author, Jones has accumulated a collection of stories for over a time period of fourteen years. At the beginning He was asked to write stories for a church newsletter, he hesitated and prayed asking the Lord to give him stories that would be meaningful and would teach biblical principles. Jones states he began receiving stories from the Holy Spirit that...

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