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A Julie Winters Novel
by T L-McDonald  US United States

August 1, 2015   |    1,018 reads    |   0 comments

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Book image did not loadThis is the story of Julie Winters, who wakes from what she believes is a nightmare. She then walks through her bedroom door and into a vision of the near future—an unfamiliar room, a woman strangled, and the face of the killer. A call to the police brings a mysterious “detective” to her door, who wants her for more than just her powers.

Throughout the story, Julie experiences a growth of powers she isn’t aware that she has. Her visions become more frequent and more violent, each one revealing a new victim, a strange symbol, and then the faces of the ones who seem as persistent as the detective to find her.

Determined not to become their next victim or a “guinea pig” because of her abilities, Julie is torn between assisting in saving lives and lying low. She attempts to solve the mystery while running for her life, her freedom, and eventually, into the hands of the murderers.

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