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Pedro - Book coverPedro is Barcelona artist Pere Ibañez's sixth photo series and most personal body of work to date. A project born after the sudden passing of Ibañez's father and a pivot from the dark themed pieces of past collections. 

The new series comprises a mixture of techniques in order to incorporate old restored family photos onto new compositions. The result is an eclectic dreamlike collection of personal moments that explore and elevate universal elements such as the passage of time, family values, and love. A process that served as a learning experience for coping with grief and ultimately paying tribute to the life of Pedro Ibañez.


About Pere Ibañez

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Over a decade, Barcelona native Pere Ibañez has earned international recognition for his emotionally-charged artwork. Drawing inspiration from the dramatic and suspenseful styles of genre films, these images seek to explore aspects of human nature that often go underplayed and trivialised. Instead, through photography and poetry, Ibañez magnifies both the falls and ascensions of the human...

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