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Plantains and the 7 Plagues

A Memoir: Half-Cuban, Half-Dominican and Full Life
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by Paz Ellis  US United States

May 22, 2017   |    1,589 reads    |   0 comments

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Plantains and the 7 Plagues - Book coverAuthor Paz Ellis takes readers on a cross-cultural and trans-generational journey through her childhood in New Jersey to adulthood with Plantains and the 7 Plagues, A Memoir: Half-Dominican, Half-Cuban and Full Life.

Paz insightfully describes, the complexities and contradictions of growing up in the United States to a Dominican mother and a Cuban father. From her mother’s obsessive cleaning rituals to her father’s remarkable knack for invention, this book beautifully explains what living a hyphenated-life means for so many Hispanics. She writes about what it means to be American, and Cuban, and Dominican, and having to be all of those things and only one of them… all at the same time. Following the passing of her mother, the author finds herself on a search for meaning through not only her past, but also her mother’s. This book is about life, loss, memory, culture, and family, the glue that determines who your family actually is- love. Written with a healthy dose of wit and an abundance of sincerity, Plantains and the 7 Plagues is honest, painfully relatable, and deeply heartfelt.

Author's Note: 

I am half-plantain and half-Cuban in search of biblical plagues. My memoir is a collection of memories, stories, love, pain, grief and family connections. As a child born to a Dominican mother and Cuban father I struggled with their assimilation as they became hyphenated-Americans as well as my own hyphenations. There were multiple moves, school bullies, few friends and a large, loving family to help me find my way and grow into the person I am. Inspired by the recent passing of my mother, I found myself entrenched in the past looking for answers and resolution to my grief. The result is this memoir that I dedicate to memory of my loving parents.

About The Author

Paz Ellis has been writing since childhood. She began her journey as a writer with poetry and short stories. She wrote her first book 20 years ago, but has yet to publish it. It currently resides on her book shelves amongst the writers that have always inspired her craft. However, Paz recently published a memoir, Plantains and the 7 Plagues, A Memoir: Half-Dominican, Half-Cuban and Full Life. ‘Just Finn’ is her second published book and is the 1st of a 2-part series.

Paz currently lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two teenage sons on a ranch where they raise red Angus cattle... more

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