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April 29, 2017  |  1,204 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Pnaramakhia - Book CoverTwo knights track down a dangerous monster lurking beneath Pnarakon, the City of Masks.

As they prepare themselves to spring their ambush on the beast, little they know that they are about to be dragged in the middle of an insidious conspiracy which threatens to shake the entirety of the Structure.

In a claustrophobic world where food and space are precious commodities and sunlight is only a distant memory, a Warrior, a Scion, and a Scholar will struggle through the echoes of fear and desperation resonating in the rusted-out corridors of an endless labyrinth.

Pulled into a vortex of political machinations, war, and madness, these lost souls will attempt to find a way out of the dreaded maze of steel and paranoid delusions upon which the Structure is built, as their sanity is constantly tested by vile betrayals, twisted sorcery, and eldritch horrors of forgotten times...

Author's Notes

What is Pnaramakhia?
Pnaramakhia is a dystopian, steampunk thriller with a lovecraftian flair. Within it, I subvert and deconstruct a few common fantasy tropes while, at the same time, I explore some of the darker aspects of the human mind.

What's the story about?
This book is a monumental work, providing a multi-layered and engaging experience.
If you like dark steampunk settings, you'll find plenty of that here.
If you like accurate and deep world-building, that's also in here.
If you like cosmic horrors, ancient aliens, sorcery, claustrophobic underground ruins, you'll find them here.
If you like mystery, political intrigue, and hard moral choices, that's also part of the package.
If you like accurate historical combat, battle strategy, and world-shaking plots, I've got you covered as well.

About Flavio Verna Santonocito

IT Italy

I’m always been an avid reader and prolific writer; I’ve a particular appreciation for ancient literature and philosophy, and I’ve worked with and coordinated over two writing groups for several years. I’m an active musician, graduated at the Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Cherubini of Florence in recorder and bassoon, an amateurish digital painter and coder, as well as a fencer with seven...

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