"L _ _ _" A poetic study of relationships

"L _ _ _" A poetic study of relationships by Dane Swan, Book cover.

16 October, 2013

In February of 2013 poet Dane Swan came up with what he thought was a novel idea for a poetry anthology: Invite poets strictly through his personal social media network of friends, and colleagues. Expecting maybe 4 or 5 responses he was floored to receive over 20. Expecting to compile and edit 30 pages of poetry he was delighted to put together a collection with 3 times that amount of content.
The theme for the anthology? Relationships -- we all have them. Relatives, lovers, friends...
The content? Impressive. From dark, gothic work to island tinged melodies; aboriginal infused poetics to anglo rural living. It's all here. There's a poem here for you.

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Genre: Fiction > Poetry

ISBN: 978-1301198078


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