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Pour Me Another Cup

Mystical Writings to Illuminate Your Soul

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May 15, 2020  |  1,358 views  |  2 reviews / comments

Pour Me Another Cup - Book coverPour Me Another Cup: Mystical Writings to Illuminate Your Soul is a unique companion book. In our fast-paced and hectic world, it can be difficult to quiet the mind and reconnect to our Inner Self.

This book is a collection of mystical poetic insights and stories called Heart Writings. The Heart Writings are inspirational (not religiously affiliated) , profound and lighthearted.

Also included, are short and fun meditations at the end of each chapter. This book can be by your bedside, coffee table, desk or any place where you can pick up the book, turn to any page and be inspired. It only takes a moment to reconnect with you Heart and Soul.


Author's Notes

What inspired me to write and publish Pour Me Another Cup: Mystical Writings to Illuminate Your Soul at this point in my life, is the state of affairs in our shared world. Humanity's consciousness is at a critical point in history balancing on a very thin line of choice in deciding what kind of world we want to live in. Do we want to live in a world of fear and bondage or love and freedom? Let it be known, within each and every one of us, we have the ability to create a shift in consciousness by transforming our thinking, actions and beliefs. A shift that can develop a thriving and loving world. A world vision infused with the perception that celebrates individual uniqueness along with the awareness of Oneness.

About Stephanie Acello

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Stephanie has been on the path of rediscovery her whole life; studying various practices and intensive meditation programs. She studied Raja Yoga while living in a community ashram and participated in the practice of Transcendental Meditation and Siddhis programs. Stephanie earned her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in education. She lives in beautiful Colorado with her...


These Heart Writings touch my soul and have been a great support in our current times. Use of the meditations have helped guide me to meditate more often and reap the benefits mentally, physically and spiritually.

this book is thought provoking. an invitation to explore this reality we share. it is an insightful and 'ah ha' moment tome to place next to the coffee cup chair, night stand, desk. just flip it open and fly with truth. thank you stephanie. s.l.vines

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