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Random Cosmos

Book by Rajesh

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September 27, 2019  |  912 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Random Cosmos - Book coverThis book is a whimsical take on the puzzle and purpose of existence. It employs a casually structured conversation-style narrative to discuss a wide range of topics that include the randomness involved in all creation, mysteries of the human mind and consciousness, the miracle of evolution and resulting nature, the reality of moral values and fallacies of our society, perplexing supernatural myths of possessed humans, and the like. The author sheds light on his views about the true purpose of existence and the right methods that lead to attainment of wisdom and contemplation of the absolute cosmic truth. There are a good number of theories, principles, concepts, philosophical arguments, laws, and true stories that have been presented. The overall writing style is engaging, with a lot of questions thrown in to stimulate your thoughts. Some interesting and imaginary fictional conversations have found a place in many places. You will observe that the author digresses randomly on some occasions with peculiar, yet relevant, references to corporate HR. All in all, reading this book should be time well spent. After all, it does make sense from time to time, to think about how and why we are here.

About Rajesh

IN India

The universe just is. It is not part of any grand design and nor am I. I'm a first-time author | Truthseeker | Awestruck by all of creation | Erstwhile corporate slave. I, like many, used to lounge in the comfort of ignorance. Now, I struggle in the toil of knowledge. But, I am happier.

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